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Video MP3 Player
Video MP3 PlayerVideo MP3 Player
Video MP3 Player
Instruction Manual
Instruction ManualInstruction Manual
Instruction Manual
Thank you for your purchase of this Hip Street video MP3 player and we hope you enjoy using
it. Please visit our website at www.hipstreetonline.com.
Please ensure that you fully read and understand the information within this instruction manual
prior to using your product. It is advised that you keep this instruction manual in a safe place
for future reference. We sincerely hope that this high quality product offers you endless hours
of entertainment.
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1 HSHSHSHS----57575757 Video MP3 PlayerVideo MP3 PlayerVideo MP3 PlayerVideo MP3 Player Instruction ManualInstruction ManualIn

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2 Important safety precautions • Always follow these basic safety precautions when using your player. This will reduce the risk of product damage an

Page 3 - 2. VIDEO

3Functional Overview 1. ON/OFF a) ON: The player will automatically start up once you switch the main power switch to the ON position. Holding

Page 4 - 5. TOOL BOX

4highlighted video. d) Press the / button to go to the next or previous video. e) Press M to cancel playback and return to video catalogue l

Page 5 - 8. RADIO

5World Clock allows you to view the local times for different cities around the world and Calendar is used to set the date and to view the monthly Ca

Page 6 - Compatible Formats:

6changes. c) Change AREA to USA and press to confirm. d) Press and hold the M button to go back to the MAIN screen. 9. MUSIC a) On the MAIN

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7 If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please visit our website at www.hipstreetonline.com and review our support sec

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