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Instruction Manual
Mini MP3 Player
Thank you for your purchase of this Hip Street MP3 player and we hope you enjoy using it.
Please visit our website at www.hipstreetonline.com
Please ensure that you fully read and understand the information with this instruction manual
prior to using your product. It is advised that you keep this instruction manual in a safe place
for future reference. We sincerely hope that this high quality product offers you endless hours
of entertainment.
Important safety precautions
Always follow these basic safety precautions when using your player. This will reduce
the risk of product damage and personal injury.
Do not disassemble, repair or modify the player by yourself. Refer servicing to
qualified personnel.
Do not dispose of the player in fire to avoid explosion.
Keep the player away from direct sunlight or heat source.
Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture to avoid any malfunction.
Do not use the player in a rather dry environment to avoid static.
Never apply heavy impact on the player like dropping it or placing it on a magnet.
Clean only with a dry cloth. Make sure the player is turned off before cleaning. Do not
use liquid cleanser.
Be sure to back up your files. We will not be liable for the loss of data due to improper
operation, repair or other causes.
Precautions in using the earphones
Do not use the player with earphones while driving an automobile or riding a bicycle.
To avoid an accident, do not turn up the volume of the earphones too high while
It’s not recommended that you use the earphones at a high volume for an extended
time as this may cause hearing damage.
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