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MP3 Video Player
with 1.5’’LCD
(Version 2.0)
User Guide
Before operating your MP3 Player, please read this guide
thoroughly and keep it for future reference.
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Page 1 - HS-T29-2GBBL

●MP3 Video Player with 1.5’’LCD HS-T29-2GBBL(Version 2.0)User Guide Before operating your MP3 Player, please read this guidet

Page 2 - Table of contents

●FM radio recordingThe player supports FM radio recording function. While listening to radio program, you can record and save

Page 3 - Preparation before use

1. System time: press Volume control to switch among the options of Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Month and Year,

Page 4 - Exterior view

the player, when the whole upgrade is finished.9. Keypad tone: Set the volume level of keypad tone, with a range from 0-40.

Page 5 - System configuration

Table of contentsTable of contents 1Features Summary 3Preparation before use 3Exterior view 3Key action definition 4Switch on/off

Page 6 - Submenu 2

manual prior to using your product. It is advised that you keep this instruction manual in a safe place for future reference

Page 7

Exterior viewM key: refers to the Menu key. The menu will pop up after pressing this key, and then enter the nex

Page 8 - Recording

it. Note: When charging the player, be sure to switch the Power switch to the ON position, or charging will not occur. Connection

Page 9 - FM Radio

2. Press M key when playing music, and the system will enter Submenu 2, including the items such as Repeat, Equalizer, SRS WOW, R

Page 10 - System settings

Normal modePlay all files in order. Repeat one songPlay one song repeatedly. Folder Play Play all files in the current directory

Page 11 -

2. Replay times: press and to set repeat times: 1-10. Press M to go back to the music player interface after confirming.

Page 12 - E-book (Text)

If the low-power signal appears in the process of pause mode, the system will automatically save the recording content and go bac

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